100% attendance at board meetings in first 4 years as Commissioner!


about MArk

Born and raised in Olmsted County, Mark feels a deep connection with our community. Utilizing his experience in running his 127-year-old family business to make decisions that make long-term financial sense for Olmsted County and his 17 years as Supervisor & Chairman of Oronoco Township to make Olmsted County responsive to its residents' needs, Mark brings a unique combination of pragmatic compassion to the Olmsted County Board.  


Mark has consistently proven how willing he is to follow through on his promises, and he is always willing to discuss issues and concerns with his constituents. It is not complicated to reach out to Mark with any concern and receive a prompt response directly from him.


Mark understands that every issue must be looked at critically. He knows that the needs of the citizens of Olmsted County must come first and that we must use common sense in order to achieve a goal effectively and efficiently. Mark has no partisan roots tying him down and is always willing to discuss different perspectives.


During his first 4 years as Olmsted County Commissioner, Mark has achieved an 100% attendance record at all board meetings. He also serves on many other boards and councils in the area, proving that he is dedicated to serving the people of Olmsted County.



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